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CertainPath Software

Integration with 321 Swipe's Payment Processing Platform is easy.

CertainPath Software is professional software for home service professionals. From customer management to job scheduling and dispatching, to call recording and campaign tracking, and paperless invoicing, CertainPath Software can do it all. The goal of CertainPath Software is to provide an all-in-one package to run your contracting business.

One of our guiding philosophies behind CertainPath Software is that it should be powerful and simple to use. We know that complex software doesn't get used, so we're always working to make it as simple as possible to use.

Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange plus program is where the merchant is charged pure Interchange fees plus a discount rate. This discount rate provides compensation to the processor but with Interchange plus, you know exactly what that compensation is. With Interchange Plus you are getting the best possible rate on every card you accept. We believe this is the best pricing structure for a merchant to have and is how 321 Swipe charges its customers.


Credit Card Surcharge is our surcharge pricing program that makes the cost of credit card acceptance effectively free for merchants. With Credit Card Surcharge, cardholders pay a surcharge fee during a credit card transaction. They do not pay a surcharge fee when using a Signature or PIN debit card. They pay for Signature and Debit card processing and pay for all our product fees and card brand association pass-through costs. The only change is what they would normally pay as a discount rate for credit card transactions. This said, cost savings are substantial. Credit Card Surcharge merchants are currently saving up to 60% of their total merchant processing costs.
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