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Credit Card Processing 

Selecting a company to handle your electronic payments is an important decision.  Work with a company you can trust.  Our broad range of solutions, competitive rates and unsurpassed customer service lets you confidently accept any card your customer hands you.

Our Solutions

Our Services


We offer simple to use counter top terminals to complex Point of Sale systems.


We offer faster processing speeds, Point of Sale hardware and software upgrades and easy tip adjust.

Service Industry

We offer mobile processing solutions that will fit your needs. 

Health & Pharmaceutical

We offer the ability to accept full payments or set up recurring billing. 

Mail Order -Telephone Order

We offer your business the ability to accept the majority of transactions via phone or mail.


We offer gift and loyalty cards to increase revenue and attract new customers. 


First let me say "Thank You" for making my life and the lives of my co-workers who back me up when I am out of the office or on vacation a lot easier.

321 Swipe has been an easy transition for our company from what we were using as our processor for bank cards. The professionalism and attention you have provided has been greatly appreciated. you have proven yourself to be very high in the standards of good business practices.

You helped us obtain and install the correct equipment to do the job for our company. As you know we track our business daily through the bank and your company processes our business almost faster than we do. There has not been a day that has gone by that I haven't thought what a good decision it was for us to shake hands with your company. The proof for me though was when I just returned from having a week off and the accountability of the processing was left for others and this time it actually was done and not left for me to do upon my return. Others found it to be very easy to account for the funds being processed. With previous processors we struggled to figure out what we were being paid for and when I was gone, others just threw up their hands and said let her do it when she gets back. That is not the case with 321 Swipe. The reconciling was done and there was no struggling to do it. That certainly makes my job a lot easier and leaves me time to do other things of importance.

On behalf of the company, we look forward to many years of working together.


CFO - Large Furniture Store


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