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Selecting a company to handle your electronic payments is an important decision. Work with a company you can trust. Our broad range of solutions, competitive rates and unsurpassed customer service let you confidently accept any cards your customers hand you.

3... Think

Do you know the driving factors that determine your credit card rates? Have you had an analysis done in the last 30 days? If not, you are probably paying more than you need to. Many credit card processors will give you an extemely attractive qualified rate when they know that most of your transactions will not qualify at that rate and actually fall into a different tier or card type.

2... Choose

Understanding your pricing is the first step towards becoming an educated business owner. Our proposals are simple and straight forward with no hidden fees. We will explain your proposal in detail and compare it with actual industry-standard interchange tables. We can teach you how to analyze your current processing statement. Or, we can do it for you.

1... Save

Save more. Spend less. At 321 Swipe, we analyze statements and current pricing just like everyone else but our philosophy is different. The majority of credit card processors just want to get your business, make as much as they can and then sell off their portfolio. We want a customer for life. That is why we negotiate the best pricing for you. If nobody can beat us, you will never leave.


321 Swipe is committed to serving your business needs by customizing credit card processing solutions specific to your industry. We focus on advanced mobile options to help your company maintain a competitive edge in today's evolving marketplace. 321 Swipe will seamlessly implement these solutions into your current business process and provide customer support 24/7. With the experience of 321 Swipe staff, you will have access to all the resources and products you need to begin achieving your business goals. Customization, experience, support, and savings. We want to keep our customers for life.